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17 Julai 2018



Nando's the iconic brand that is loved the world over, celebrates its 20th birthday here in Malaysia. From its humble beginnings in Jalan Telawi, Nando's has grown to be a favorite amongst the flamed-grilled chicken enthusiasts locally. Sizzling the hearts of Malaysians with its glorious PERi-PERi sauce, trademark cheeky wit and out spoken humor, the brand has not only introduced to Malaysians, really really good chicken, but a host of other delectable eats that jeep them coming back for more. 

Truly passionate about chilies, Nando's grows its own PERi-PERi chillies with the help of over 1,400 independent farmers in South Africa. Mixing these fiery little wonders with onions, oil, herbs, fresh lemons and a kick of garlic produces the brand's unparalleled secret weapon, the Nando's PERi-PERi sauce.

Putting flavor first and heat second, the Nando's PERi-PERi sauce is unlike the 'all-out-burn' of  other chili sauces. The chickens are marinated in the sauce for 24-hour and then basted with ones choice of heat level ranging from Lemon & Herb to the fiery Extra Hot.

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Gift dalam kotak dari Nando's

"We are very excited about reaching such a significant milestone here in Malaysia. We started in 1998 and 29 years on and we are still firing up the taste buds of our amazing fans and hitting a few new-comers as well. Our magical little chilli called PERi-PERi is to thank for this as it is our heart and our heat and it is truly unique to Nando's, " commented Stephen Chew, CEO of Nando's Malaysia.

In Sabah alone, Nando's has opened three restaurants to ensure fans always have a coop to go to when they are in need of some PERi-PERi goodness. Having first opened in 1 Borneo almost five years ago, Nando's has since nested comfortably in the hearts of the Kota Kinabalu people.

The brand's success is rooted in its value-for-money offering., giving chicken lovers a bang for their buck. For less than RM20, patrons get to enjoy a full hearty meal of a flamed-grilled PERi-PERi quarter chicken and servings of two delicious sides of their choice. The loyalty programme, a Nando's mobile application, also showers fans with the best rewards by allowing them to redeem a free quarter chicken, right up to a whole chicken by collecting just nine chillies.

As an added bonus in conjunction with their 20th Birthday, Nando's is giving the people of Kota Kinabalu even more reasons to celebrate. All restaurants, which are 1 Borneo, Oceanus and Imago, will be setting up an Ayam Lucky Draw board where 100 PERi-PERi lovers stand a chance to win anything from free sides to Full Platters (whole chicken with 2 large or 4 regular sides) daily. All they have to do is present their receipt for a chance at the draw. 

The brand which has procured almost a cult status in Malaysia also have PERi-PERi sauce that fans can purchase for their home consumption, because sometimes, a dose of PERi-PERi is all one needs.

"It is truly a moment of great pride and honour to have completed  two successful decades here. Malaysia has been fantastic for Nando's as the Malaysian pride of diversity, hospitality and sense of family reflects the value that Nando's holds dear. At Nando's, we believe that the people and experience is what counts; and it is extremely satisfying to see so many fans enjoying the Nando's experience wholeheartedly, " added Chew.

PERi-PERi Interesting Facts

  • PERi-PERi chillies are unique to Nando's
  • It takes 42,000 chilies to fill one 14kg bag and 25,000 bags are filled every year - that's over a billion chilies!
  • Each chili plant produces about 300 chilies which are hand-picked and plucked one at a time 
  • They are also hand-sorted and naturally dried in the African sun
  • PERi-PERi chilies contain capsaicin that delivers a 'feel-good' effect - your pupils will dilate and your metabolic rate will increase as you feel the rush of endorphins
  • PERi-PERi is also rich in Vitamins A, B and C

About Nando's 

Sesi bergambar bersama staff Nando's

The story of Nando's began in a small Johannesburg suburb in South Africa in 1987, with all the passions for Portuguese-inspired flamed-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. In 1998, Nando's opened its first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and has been grilling Malaysians taste buds ever since. Now Malaysia is home to 76 Nando's restaurants across various states, best known for its legendary and delicious flamed-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. At Nando's, we surround our customers with warmth, hospitality and fun, whilst offering them a meal to remember. 

Served in their signature heat levels - Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime, Mild, Hot & Extra Hot - on, or off the bone, in a wrap, burger or pitta, and served with a delicious selection of sides, salads, appetizers and sharing platters, Nando's offer great variety, and mouth-watering recipes to please all food palettes. You'll find yourself spoilt for choice! 

Whether you go for a quick bite, a family party, a fun night out with friends, it won't be just your taste buds that are invigorated. For further information visit our website :

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Mencuba sendiri membuat PERi-PERi sauce

Antara hidangan dari Nando's

04 Julai 2018



Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

RAMALAN KEPUTUSAN PIALA DUNIA 2018|| Piala Dunia 2018 sudah masuk ke pusingan kedua separuh akhir. Ramai pasukan pilihan yang sudah bungkus kain baju balik ke negara masing-masing. Lari dari ramalan para penyokong kan. Heheheh... ahkak ni bukan juga kaki bola tapi memang melayan juga mana-mana yang ahkak sempat layan. 

Ahkak sebenarnya tertarik dengan ramalan-ramalan keputusan piala dunia ni. Kalau kamu masih ingat sewaktu piala dunia 2010, seekor sotong yang bernama Paul telah meramalkan kemenangan pasukan Spanyol menentang German. (Kalau tak silap KG). Walaumacamanapun Paul sotong ni sudah mati. Tak pasti kenapa..tapi ahkak ada terbaca satu artikel tidak lama dulu.(malas mau google balik)

Kali ini seekor kucing putih yang pekak bernama Achilles pula dijadikan peramal. Kucing putih gebu ini tinggal di muzium Hermitage, St Petersburg di Russia. Comel jer Achilles ni(akak tengok dalam gambar dia jer)

Bagaimana pula dengan ramalan Piala Dunia 2018? Siapa pulak yang diramalkan menjadi juara? piala dunia bila erk? hehehe..Korang sokong pasukan mana? Ahkak ni mana-mana pasukan yang akak suka, maka itulah yang ahkak sokong. Tak menentu dengan satu-satu pasukan.

Dan sudah tentu sepanjang piala dunia 2018 ni ada ramai yang bangun lewat lepas tu cuti sakit. Padahal tak cukup tidur. Prestasi kerja sepanjang piala dunia ni pun merosot.  Jangan lupa baiki prestasi kerja tau.Chewah..konon bagi nasihat.

So, apa pula ramalan keputusan piala dunia 2018 korang?Okeylah, walau apapun keputusan piala dunia 2018 ni kita kena terima. Jangan pula bertaruh macam-macam.
Sekian dulu. Wassalam.

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sumber :GEMPAK

05 Jun 2018



Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

BISKUT RAYA || Korang dah buat berapa jenis biskut? Hari ini dah masuk Ramadhan 18 kalau tak silap ahkak. Ada seminggu lebih lagi nak raya.

Ahkak ni dari minggu lepas, asyik buat planning nak buat biskut konon. Sampai habis minggu lepas habuk biskut pun tiada. Hahah. Masih MALAS.

Tapi tetiba mood ahkak datang, kelmarin ahkak marathon 5 jenis biskut sekali. Batang buruk, ulat bulu, chip coklat, tat gulung nenas dan tat anekaria. Ha..meriah kau sekali buat 5 jenis tau. Tapi lupa gambar batang buruk.

resepi biskut, resepi tat gulung nenas. resepi biskut sedap dan mudah, resepi biskut 2018

Jangan kritik biskut ahkak sebab kaler tat gulung nenas tu hijau dan kuning, kaler biskut ulat bulu tu merah hijau. Memang ahkak kalau buat biskut suka main kaler-kaler.

Tahun lalu tat gulung nenas ahkak ada 4 kaler. Tahun ni dua kaler aje. Malas nak hiaskan dengan sapuan kuning telur dan coklat putih. Hahah..masuk mulut hancur juga. Asal ada dan masih bergulung sebagai tat nenas.

Biskut Tat Anekaria tu baru tahun ni ahkak buat. Setelah hampir 9 tahun tak bikin biskut tu. Resepi mama ahkak tu. Memang resepi legend punya la. Beranekaria wajahnya.

Nampaknya ahkak kena marathon biskut lagi ni. Jom korang...kita membiskut. Siapa yang cari resepi tu.. sini ahkak kongsi Resepi Tat Nenas Gulung tu.

Ahkak pakai resepi ni ya..cuma tak sapu kuning telur tu

Biskut Tart Nenas

Bahan bahan:
250 gm mentega
300 gm tepung gandum
50 gm gula kaster
40 gm tepung jagung
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
Sedikit kuning telur + sedikit air  +  pewarna kuning - sapuan

Cara cara:

Satukan semua bahan dan uli dengan menggunakan tangan sahaja.

Masukkan dalam acuan dan picit. Letakkan inti dan gulung.

Sapukan sedikit kuning telur. Susun dalam loyang dan bakar pada suhu 170C selama 25 minit.

Kredit: Azie Kitchen